DWJ Snippet in todays Guardian

Rowena Macrae-Gibson rowena.macrae-gibson at brunel.ac.uk
Fri Oct 19 09:41:20 EDT 2001

Continuing the HP vs DWJ thread, there's an article in today's Guardian 
about the filming of HP, looking at all the locations used and how the film 
may boost tourism. There's a mention of how we might have had a DWJ film 

 "Had producer David Heyman's first choice of novel (The Ogre Downstairs, 
by Diana Wynne-Jones) not been unavailable for transformation into a family 
film, and had his assistant not recommended JK Rowling's novel, an 
altogether different Potter would have eventually reached the screen, if at
See the complete article at

I'd have thought that Ogre would film well, but no doubt they'd want to 
modernise it, and one of the joys of the book is how evocative it is of its 
1970s setting. (Of course some of this may be lost in the updated version). 
Any ideas why the book wasn't available for filming?


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