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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Tue Oct 16 23:34:33 EDT 2001

>i guess the two perspectives here are harry's innate talent/strangeness 
>vs. his percieved specialness. meaning, the wizard world percieves harry 
>as special (and the dursleys percieve him as deviant.) but my point is: he 
>is not actually really a special character who i feel for. largely because 
>he's unemotional and partially because he's actually kind of average. the 
>fact that he's a celebrity and not an underdog probably works against him 
>for me, as well.

I think 'unemotional' is way harsh. What about the fact that he gets so 
angry at the Dursleys he blows up his aunt? Or the way he has to go through 
all his feelings in order to conjure up the Patronus? Are you trying to say 
you don't empathise with Harry? That's a different issue.


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