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Mon Oct 15 12:50:07 EDT 2001

I should go on record as saying that matters have improved--I made a trip
to Dundee and found some slightly bigger bookshops, and bought myself
things including a(nother) copy of Dogsbody (mine's at home, old, and
hasn't been read in a while!) and a tape of Howl, despite the fact that
it's abridged and that I don't have a tape player here.  I also realized
that the reason I found the children's section in the local library
disappointing was because, surprise, there's an actual children's library
across the street.  I haven't had too much of a chance to look yet, and
it's small, but I'm sure it'll be great.  There are multiple bookshops in
St.Andrews, but they're rather small--I might be going to Edinburgh this
week, and I'm looking forward to checking out a few things (though the
friend I'm going with isn't, I think, the type to ride a bus for two hours
to sit in a bookstore.  Oh, well).

my apologies if I offeneded anyone. . . 


On Mon, 15 Oct 2001 el.buchanan at wrote:

> Hi I am a dedicated lurker on this list but as an Edinburger born and bred I feel I nedd to stick up for the Scots bookshops and appreciation of Diana Wynne Jones.
> > >I was quite disappointed when I arrived in Scotland to find that there
> > >wasn't much DWJ lying around in bookstores. 
> > Maybe the Scots just don't like English/Welsh authors much.
> I am not sure where in Scotland you are but I know the large Waterstones and Thins in Edinburgh, all located in the City centre, have usually got a number of copies of each of the reprinted childrens titles and her adult books. I am sure this is also true of other branches in Scotland and they will order books they don't have for you. 
> >  I'm pretty sure there are a
> > couple of Forbidden Planets up there, though I don't know where. 
> There is a Forbidden Planet on South Bridge in Edinburgh and on Buchanan Street in Glasgow although I don't know what their DWJ stock is like they do have a great selection of books.
> Scotland is a lovely country, although October is not the nicest time of year I have to admit and you are not the only DWJ and peanutbutter and jam sandwich fan in it.
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