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<< He has a relatively normal personality, yes.  I think the point is that a

boy who is 'normal', if under the rule of cartoon-like evil relatives until

age 11, is suddenly pitched into a situation where everyone regards him -

his persona, if you like - as strange.  He is a misfit.  However, rather

than have us witness his development, as with, say, Moril in Cart & Cwidder,

he seems to remain largely the same, while the reactions to him change.  He

does begin to come out of that in Goblet of Fire... >>

The main consideration here is the fact that even DWJ's viewpoint characters 
are clearly individuals. warts and all, in their own right, and readers are 
welcome to disaprove of them or find them anoying if that's how they find 
them, whereas, Harry, in a different time-honored tradition, is chiefly a 
mask for the reader to look through.
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