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christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 15 00:25:59 EDT 2001

>From: Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at Proffitt.com>
>I'm glad to hear it.  Nevertheless, I would like to suggest that you
>consider what you say as well.  It's not all very smart guys snapping at
>you; making statements like "this book is fluff" without backing it up with
>evidence makes you sound very high-handed yourself.  That was a terribly
>dismissive statement about a book that other people here liked a lot.

that's very true. you're probably right; i was inviting that sort of 
response. i did feel insulted, though, which is something i don't 
appreciate. i don't think i actually insulted those who liked neverwhere, or 
certainly wasn't aiming to. even though i think it's a highly mediocre book. 
(can things even be highly mediocre? that sounds kind of paradoxical.) so in 
future i'll come up with lists of reasons a book sucks instead of just 
saying it flat out and hoping everyone likes hearing it. =)

>conversations usually go this way for you--and if you are, as you say, crap
>at literary criticism--the problem is probably not entirely other people.  

i wouldn't say that they do.. just for some reason literary discussions go 
down the toilet with me ... not any other sort of criticism. i think it's 
probably because i don't really think critically about books while i'm 
reading them unless i dislike them. if i get absorbed in a book, i tend not 
to think very critically about it. with neverwhere, that happened, but it 
also happened in 1998 (i think) so i don't recall it so clearly. hence my 
endeavoring to improve the quality of my posts. =)

as an example, you can see i have a lot to say about the HP books 
(critically, i mean) because i've very recently read them and i don't find 
them very absorbing.

>contribute; I would just let you leave.  :)  But I do think you bring a
>different perspective and I would like to see you stick around for a while.

well, i appreciate it. =)

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