Bumbling heroes was RE: Gaiman's American Gods

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 12 16:27:19 EDT 2001

>But I would say Cat and Nan are like this, and possibly Jamie and

i'm with you on cat, but i don't think jamie is a good example of this at 
all. jamie is confident and self-assured. perhaps even cocky, before he 
leaves london and becomes a homeward bounder. the fact that he doesn't 
immediately fall to pieces as a homeward bounder but instead buckles down 
and succeeds is testament to this as well.

i guess the difference between any of these characters (including cat) and 
the arthur dent/richard mayhew/etc type character is that cat has deep, 
innate talents that he's surpressing. those two don't, imo. so cat has the 
potential to grow up to be a competent charatcer, while those two are 
already grown up and permanently bumbling. i suppose mayhew finds out that 
he is capable of more than being led around by his nose by the end of the 
book, but that's not what i'd call "talent," especially not the way cat 
exhibits it by the end of charmed life.

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