Gaiman's American Gods

christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Oct 12 16:23:08 EDT 2001

>>as i think i said in another post, i also felt like he basically
>>lifted richard mayhew from douglas adam's hitchhiker's guide's
>>arthur dent, and sent him to play in the london sewers.
>I think this objection is, perhaps counter-intuitively, a sign that
>you're not as perspicacious as you think you are.

i hate to be rude, but it takes two -- somehow, i doubt you're as clever as 
you think you are. i've been kind of stewing over this message for a couple 
of days since you are, to some degree, right. of course richard mayhew and 
arthur dent aren't the only characters that seem similar in the whole 
pantheon of british literature. however, just because that's so, doesn't 
mean that mayhew isn't at least influenced by dent, which i think is 
probably a better word than 'lifted.' my vague contempt for neverwhere, 
which i think is an example of neil gaiman 'not really trying' influenced me 
to overspeak.

besides the obvious similarities in the charatcers, i think the telling data 
is that neil gaiman wrote a guidebook to the hitchhiker's guide ('don't 
panic!') and just generally was influenced by douglas adams. he respects the 
man very deeply, and the hitchhiker books were coming out right as he was 
getting his start as an author. of course, this is partially conjecture, but 
i think it's all reasonable. so, while it's not a stunning realisation, it's 
certainly one that i think has some merit.

i'm deciding to give the DWJ mailing list one more go despite the fact that 
the conversations usually seem to go this way for me -- either dead ending 
or someone who thinks he's a Very Smart Guy (MLs and forums are full of 
you!) jumps down my throat. but, i'm tired of letting Very Smart Guys win, 
so i'm back. since your attitude was not appreciated by some other list 
members, either, i feel a little better about myself.

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