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Wed Oct 10 22:05:55 EDT 2001

The following was sent to the China Mieville list and found it's way 
to the Tim powers group. I did wonder about the ethics of passing 
on emails from list to list, but then I thought what the hell, it's out in 
public now and I can't keep it to myself (and the rest of the Powers 

> > From:  DarkEcho at a...
> > Date:  Sun Oct 7, 2001  7:40 pm
> > Subject:  Re: [RR] Diana Wynne Jones on the World Fantasy Award
> >
> > hi guys
> > 
> > hate to disappoint your interesting theorizing about the religious
> > beliefs/nonbeliefs involved in the world fantasy awards, but...
> >
> > i'm one of those world fantasy judges Diana so "radically"
> > disagrees with. i can't say anything about anything at the moment, of
> > course. except, off the record, i will say that Diana's statement to
> > ANSIBLE was untrue. (she did resign, but only after participating in
> > determination of nominess and winners in all categories save one AND she
> > resigned over a non-issue.) it's a bit of a mystery why she made the
> > statement. best theory is that she's a bit daft.
> > 

Well ................... I guess this story will run and run. Good to see 
the fantasy community has its proper share of backbiters tho .....

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.

Samuel R Delany. "The Fall of the Towers"
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