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Rebecca wrote
> . My
> >favorite is Jane Yolen's take on "King Henry" where she ties the >story
> to Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. Lots of fun. 

There has just been a documentary series on the BBC about the 6
wives. My school history took the established line that she was a 
dreadful tart, though of course they didn't quite put it like that It's 
only recently I've discovered how much the poor woman was 
stitched up. Apparently the allegations of adultery were made up, 
they even added her brother to the list of her "lovers" so that he 
wouldn't be around to make trouble (the "lovers"
were all executed too),

It's a good series but I've just been readin Tanya Huff' 's "Blood
Ties etc" books. The hero is a vampire (I know but these are good 
vampire books, OK?), who is the, historical, illegitimate son of 
Henry VIII, Henry Duke of Richmond. He died at the age of 17, a 
couple of months after Henry had Anne Boleyn executed
Apparently he was regarded as a possible heir to Henry and 
presumably his death had an effect on events that year, yet he 
doesn't feature in either the old fashioned or new fangled versions. 
Shows how much history is just the art of telling a good story I 

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.

Samuel R Delany. "The Fall of the Towers"
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