Gaiman's American Gods

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Oct 10 12:40:20 EDT 2001

Paul wrote, after Christian wrote:

>  > as i think i said in another post, i also felt like he basically
>>  lifted richard mayhew from douglas adam's hitchhiker's guide's
>>  arthur dent, and sent him to play in the london sewers.
>I think this objection is, perhaps counter-intuitively, a sign that
you're not as perspicacious as you think you are.

I (Becca) am writing on the part of my poor mother, who upon reading 
these harsh and chilling Words of Wisdom, has retired to her bed in a 
cold sweat.
She is being examined, among other things, on her ability to make 
comparisons between prominant characters in Literature on this day 
next week, and the thought that someone's feeling about such a 
comparison might prompt you to say they are not as perspicacious as 
they think they are is a most terrifying and bewildering concept.

(Also the fact that this biting rebuke was uttered using a word of 
over two syllables has disturbed her delicate mental balance.)

Believe me, there is none so adept at the art of making my mother 
insane as I, but it really is not ideal at a time like this. In the 
words of the immortal Benedick, Paul, I ask you to 'examine your 
conscience.' (That's from Much Ado About Nothing, if you didn't 
know.) Please remember that it is my mother who has to bring me up, 
and I AM fifteen after all -- and we all know about fifteen year old 

Thank you very much.

Rebecca De La Rosa, 15 year old extraordinaire

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