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lizzie wrote:
>I was quite disappointed when I arrived in Scotland to find that there
>wasn't much DWJ lying around in bookstores.  I found one store with a few
>titles (I promptly bought Eight Days of Luke), but other than that,
>nothing.  There's a lot of Rowling, of course, and Phillip Pullman's the
>other big one.  I drove myself crazy for a few days trying to remember
>what the US name for Northern Lights was--I've decided that I like the
>Golden Compass better as a title.  It fits with the other books--The
>Golden Compass, the Subtle Knife, the Amber Spyglass.  
>Scotland seems A-OK.
>	. . . . and if you write it in Japanese it comes out something
>like Sukatorando, which is just fun.

Scotland is a nice country. How odd that their bookshops are short on DWJ,
when there are quite a lot in the English ones (well, the London ones, I
don't think I've been into a bookshop in another town recently- but I'm
thinking of places likw Waterstones in Wimbledon, not flagship ones). But
the childrens sections of all the places I've looked recently had reasonable
amounts of the new reprints. Often on a "Can't wait for the next HP? Try..."
table, which I suppose isn't a bad idea for getting people to read around.
Maybe the Scots just don't like English/Welsh authors much.
 Was it everywhere you went, even in the cities? I'm pretty sure there are a
couple of Forbidden Planets up there, though I don't know where. I'd think
SF bookshops are bound to have her. Although, if you're going to have to go
500000 miles north to Aberdeen to find some you may as well come south
instead and try England. Apart from DWJ books we have many interesting and
enjoyable visitor attractions and fascinating historical sights very
suitable for tourism, also picturesque countryside, quaint villages and
intriguingly blighted inner cities full of lovable cheeky upbeat drug
dealers. And stuff. No, really, if you spend the Easter vac travelling round
Europe, England and Wales deserve a look in.
If you actually need copies, they are all on, although that is
a nasty big conglomerate that drives small bookshops out of business. Quite
a lot of the shops who sell through are in the UK, and
all the ones in . 

The Golden Compass is a good title, it just bothers me a bit that the
thingummy isn't actually a compass. His Dark Materials seems a bit of a
strange title for the series to me, actually.
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