Gaiman's American Gods

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Wed Oct 10 03:49:09 EDT 2001

>From: Emma Comerford <s369161 at>
> >
> >of course, my low expectations after reading neverwhere are what let me
> >enjoy stardust so much, i think... =)
> >
>Didn't you like Neverwhere? I thought it was really good...

no. i didn't. at all. ok, i liked it a little bit. =)

i don't know if you were a sandman reader, but the book felt rather 
transparently recycled and thrown together from a lot of its elements. as i 
think i said in another post, i also felt like he basically lifted richard 
mayhew from douglas adam's hitchhiker's guide's arthur dent, and sent him to 
play in the london sewers.

the book, imo, was fluff and not even particularly well-executed fluff, as 
far as gaiman goes. the book would've been more interesting coming from 
another author, but from him, it was just a quick retread.

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