Gaiman's American Gods

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Wed Oct 10 03:46:16 EDT 2001

>Possible spoiler
>I have to ask, have you read Fire and Hemlock, or Homeward Bounders? I
>don't really know what you mean by style versus message, because what I was
>trying to say was that stylistically and thematically there are
>similarities in the works. Do you mean their use of language is different?
>Like on a sentence level? I agree with this, but if you see that kind of
>difference as a barrier to comparison, then it is impossible to compare the
>works of any two authors.

i dunno, i guess i don't have a very good argument. i just don't agree with 
the idea that AG is much like any DWJ books i've read. i can't really 
articulate it satisfactorily. this is why i am crap at literary discussion 
mailing lists and one of the many reasons i inevitably unsubscribe from them 

i am not saying that you are inaccurate to compare these characters. but all 
the same, to me, AG doesn't feel like DWJ in many respects to me. it may 
have something to do with the mindest in which i approach neil gaiman and 
DWJ's works, since i've been reading them both for years and i have certain 
expectations whenever i read them. if i experienced AG from a fresh 
perspective (which is not really possible) i might see it more. this is, i 
guess, what i mean by style. the aesthetics of their writing, which i cannot 
explain in any meaningful way, are very different to me. and that is why 
they don't seem so similar to me.

>Shadow seems to me to have an awful lot in common with Mitt, as I alluded
>in my previous message (perhaps too subtly). It really struck me, actually
>at the moment when Shadow works out who his father is, and yet kind of
>knows it all along, that was really like Mitt in Drowned Ammet, and there
>seems to be a similar feeling to the underlying character's sense of self
>-- there's knowledge there about their own mortality or immortality that
>they each avoid by kind of refusing to have a personality. Just being big
>and covering up cleverness and trying to get along without making waves.

i have to admit, you make a very good basis for comparison on these two 
characters. but it's not as though i can't accept that or even argue against 
it. but i don't have anything to add. remember what i said about being crap 
at MLs? =)

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