Gaiman's American Gods

Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at
Wed Oct 10 00:58:23 EDT 2001

--- christian nutt <ferricide at> wrote:
> interesting, and i would have to agree. but the tone
> of AG is nothing like 
> DWJ, is the stumbling block in comparing them. i
> guess i'm into style as 
> much as i am into message. or the importance of
> style as much as the 
> importance of message. AG is really rather unlike
> DWJ's work, in that sense. 
> not just because it's a book for adults (after all,
> she has hers as well.) 
> also, shadow is just a character who would never
> come within 50 feet of a 
> DWJ book, i think.

actually, i think American Gods has a feel [or tone,
or style... i'd have to analyze this a bit more to
figure out which word is most suitable] quite similar
to some of DWJ's darker work; i'm thinking in
particular of The Homeward Bounders.  Jamie and Shadow
seem in some ways very alike to me, especially in some
of the larger themes [rather than the particulars of
their situations, necessarily].


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