Gaiman's American Gods

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Wed Oct 10 00:43:07 EDT 2001

interesting, and i would have to agree. but the tone of AG is nothing like 
DWJ, is the stumbling block in comparing them. i guess i'm into style as 
much as i am into message. or the importance of style as much as the 
importance of message. AG is really rather unlike DWJ's work, in that sense. 
not just because it's a book for adults (after all, she has hers as well.) 
also, shadow is just a character who would never come within 50 feet of a 
DWJ book, i think.

i do like AG though. and i recommend it.

>I thought American Gods was much more like the feel of DWJ's work -- trying
>not to spoil too much -- the theme of what seem to be ordinary people on
>the surface turning out to be gods (or undying or whatever they are called,
>supernaturals anyway) walking around in the mortal world always strikes me
>as very typically DWJ: there's Mitt and his experiences, Archer and co in
>Archer's Goon, the whole family in Spellcoats and the one I read years ago
>where Loki turned up. I found my knowledge of DWJ really informed my
>reading of Gaiman's book, partly because I know they are friends and I read
>the acknowledgements; very early on in the book I was saying to myself
>"aha, I know where this is going".

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