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christian nutt ferricide at
Tue Oct 9 20:36:36 EDT 2001

you have done an excellent job of summarizing what's ... wrong ... with 
harry potter. or pulling out a great example of what bugs me about it. i've 
read the first 3 books and they're entertaining.. well, the last third of 
the 2nd book and most of the 3rd book, anyway, imo.

but the problem that has always bothered me is that harry has no internal 
life. there is nothing going on inside his head there. there certainly isn't 
much in the way of emotional development. that's why i think the HP books 
are basically fluff. i suppose he will never be challenged or change or have 
to change. he made his lifelong friends 10 minutes into the first book, so 
that's the end of that.

there's more stuff that bugs me about HP that, incidentally, DWJ carries off 
much better, but i suppose it would be tacky to go into it, and i imagine 
the ML has covered a lot of this territory already. i used to skip HP 
threads cos i hadn't read the books.

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