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christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 9 20:30:42 EDT 2001

amazon.co.jp is fairly easy to use if you have a reasonable understanding of 
japanese (i'm far from fluent) and a japanese IME (input method editor) for 
your OS, which if it is a windows isotope, is either a free download from 
microsoft.com (95, 98, Me) or built in (2000, XP).

amazon.co.jp is very reliable and the prices aren't bad because they're 
aimed at japanese consumers, not foreigners who are importing the goods at a 
premium. i've only ordered one thing from them, mainly becuase i'm totally 
broke these days, but i would recommend them.

i would recommend a webpage called rikai: 

it's a service for help with browsing in japanese that is like an integrated 
dictionary. very helpful. also, of course, jeffrey's japanese to english 
dictionary, http://linear.mv.com/cgi-bin/j-e/jis/dict

i have an interest in checking out DWJ in japanese, but i don't have the 
financial wherewithal as mentioned, and honestly, i don't have the japanese 
skill either, even to read something aimed at middle school kids, without a 
dictionary and asking my friends for help. also i would like to wait for a 
book i have more memorized would come out, probably, like christopher chant.

>I've been trying to get hold of Howl and HP in Japanese for a while, but
>so far no luck--I've found Harry Potter, of course, but at around thirty
>dollars a volume and that's NOT about to happen.  I haven't had the best
>luck with amazon.co.jp, mostly because I only know a handful of kanji and
>while I can sound out hiragana and katakana, I don't always know what they
>mean (apparently it's sort of funny to listen to, though).  I think I
>might have had some trouble in that I'm not sure how to search for DWJ
>books--using her English name or what?  I guess if you wrote it in
>katakana it'd be something along the lines of jyo-nu-su, da-ya-na
>(da-i-a-na?  dya-na?) and then I don't know quite what to do with wynne.
>But, as I said, I'm not that good at Japanese.

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