Gaiman's American Gods

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Tue Oct 9 20:23:53 EDT 2001

>From: Robyn Starkey <rohina at>
>I am back on the list again, although the observant may note my email
>address now originates in a different country. Anyway... I just finished
>reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and I enjoyed it immensely, and it
>certainly seems to me to be a book to appeal to DWJ fans. Anybody else out
>there read it? I don't want to go into details too soon, because I know it
>is a fairly new book.

i read american gods right when it came out, maybe 2 months ago at this 
point. i really like it. however, i would say that the neil gaiman book that 
would appeal most to DWJ fans might be stardust.. not that they wouldn't 
like AG, but i think stardust is a little more "similiar" to DWJ's work in a 
number of ways. AG was nice because gaiman did something fairly original, 
although if you're a fan of his other work it isn't exactly a stretch. i 
particularly like the main character. he was very fresh and interesting and 
well-portrayed. a good book.

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