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Tue Oct 9 20:02:21 EDT 2001

I've been trying to get hold of Howl and HP in Japanese for a while, but
so far no luck--I've found Harry Potter, of course, but at around thirty
dollars a volume and that's NOT about to happen.  I haven't had the best
luck with amazon.co.jp, mostly because I only know a handful of kanji and
while I can sound out hiragana and katakana, I don't always know what they
mean (apparently it's sort of funny to listen to, though).  I think I
might have had some trouble in that I'm not sure how to search for DWJ
books--using her English name or what?  I guess if you wrote it in
katakana it'd be something along the lines of jyo-nu-su, da-ya-na
(da-i-a-na?  dya-na?) and then I don't know quite what to do with wynne.
But, as I said, I'm not that good at Japanese.

Only now that I've said all that, I can find her stuff just fine. . .
maybe it was the magazines I was looking for that I couldn't find. . .
hmm.  Does anyone else find it sort of strange that American things like
Sabrina the Teenage Witch books are showing up in Japan?  I saw an ad
recently in a Japanese magazine (I've got a friend who subscribes to a pop
music one that comes with a sampler CD--it's quite strange to be listening
to the dj and suddenly hear Sugar Ray and Korn) with a girl proudly
displaying a few Sweet Valley High books.  I wasn't about to buy whatever
she was selling, I can tell you that.

I was quite disappointed when I arrived in Scotland to find that there
wasn't much DWJ lying around in bookstores.  I found one store with a few
titles (I promptly bought Eight Days of Luke), but other than that,
nothing.  There's a lot of Rowling, of course, and Phillip Pullman's the
other big one.  I drove myself crazy for a few days trying to remember
what the US name for Northern Lights was--I've decided that I like the
Golden Compass better as a title.  It fits with the other books--The
Golden Compass, the Subtle Knife, the Amber Spyglass.  I've also
discovered that I spell my name wrong.  I've got a professor--known around
campus for being quite a feminist--who corrected me when I (helpfully, I
thought) spelled out my name for her.  It's not "el-aye-zee-zee-aye-ee,"
it's "elh-ai-zed-zed-ai-ee."  Apparently.  So.  Other than that, and the
strange looks people give me when I make peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches (I'm considering having some peanut butter sent to me),
Scotland seems A-OK.
	. . . . and if you write it in Japanese it comes out something
like Sukatorando, which is just fun.


On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, christian nutt wrote:

> >From: "Jacob Proffitt" <Jacob at Proffitt.com>
> >Not to mention just about every other Miyazaki (the director) film, the
> >most recent example of which is Princess Mononoke.  Very, very good
> >stuff, though I think we've discussed that on the list already.
> my thought is that kiki's delivery service deals with both the themes and 
> content that is most similar to DWJ's books. i also like that film rather a 
> lot. PM i'm less a fan of. i urge DWJ fans to seek out kiki's delivery 
> service. =) although, it probably won't give you an exact idea of what to 
> expect from howl, becuase miyazaki won't be directing it. in fact, we don't 
> know who is or any other details of the film. i imagine when the 'spirited 
> away' hype dies down in japan, we'll learn some new details.
> it's nice to see tokuma shoten's new commitment to chrestomanci (the little 
> logo in the top middle of the witch week cover 
> http://images.amazon.com/images/P/4198614040.09.LZZZZZZZ.jpg ) features a 
> "dai mahoutsukai kurestomanshii" logo, which implies to me that they are 
> making something out of the series in japan. i'm not sure why they published 
> witch week first, i guess it's the most "harry potterish" of the 
> chrestomanci books cos it features kids being subversive in a school. i 
> wonder if that's the reasoning? HP1-3 are out in japan.
> according amazon.co.jp, translations of christopher chant and charmed life 
> came out in 1994, but they appear to be OOP at the moment. as well as time 
> of the ghost in 1993, and wild robert some unspecified time. amazon doesn't 
> have cover shots for any of those books.
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