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Lucien tubbydome at
Mon Oct 1 11:35:14 EDT 2001


Yes, I have read that line & I HATE IT! It implies
that DWJ (or any other children's author for that
matter) are second-class compared to JK Rowling. It's
as if the HP books are the gold standard for
children's literature, which they are not. 

Having said that, I admit to enjoying and loving the
HP books actually ^^ But I was a DWJ fan way before I
was a JK Rowling fan & I wish that other people around
would show more respect to the other unlauded
children's authors around. Harry Potter is NOT the
only wizard in town for heaven's sake! And Howl is way
sexier anyway :>

Oh, and I believe the JK in JK Rowling was not because
nobody would read a women's book but that her editors
thought it less likely for young male readers to buy
her books if it were known that a lady wrote the HP


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