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Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Ding at
Thu Nov 29 01:41:27 EST 2001

Found an interesting titbit about DWJ on usenet ( and
I thought I'd share.


You never met anyone more lactose-intolerant than Diana Wynne Jones (just
don't stir her black coffee with a spoon you used to stir someone else's
coffee with milk in it: she'll be crippled with arthritis for two days,
unable to move her spine or neck let alone her hands) and she has a bread
machine she uses all the time. If you want I'll ask her exactly how she
changes the recipes so they contain no lactose at all, and email you the
results (or post 'em here if there is general want of them); but she's about
half-way through the first draft of a book, so you may have to wait a month
or so because nothing would induce me to ask her frivolous questions until
_she_ rings _me_! Weevil 

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