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>>> Changeover (DWJ) / The Changeover (Mahy) (Similarity of title)
>> feel free to pick up the tab on my copy of changeover. =)
>> last time i saw it on ebay it went for like, $100, iirc.
>> i'd like to read it.. but not that much. certainly not with my current
>> financial limitations, anyway.
> :-)  That is a problem.  If you ask very nicely you can borrow mine - when I
> get
> it back from the list member who has it atm......
> I wonder.  Is anyone on this list a publisher?  How easy would it be to do an
> edition - assuming all the necessary permission could be obtained?  We could
> even use the original book as a master, the way Wordsworth do - publisher's
> copyright in the image on the page only lasts 25 years, and it was pub'd in
> 1971...
> Philip.
I'm a bit late responding on this one, cos I've been thinking about the
time/energy involved. I am a book designer/editor, producing books for a
living, and I can easily do all the pre-press production work. I've sent off
for some printing quotes, because that and whatever Diana would want, will
be the sticking point. Small print runs don't come cheap. The other problem
would be checking to see who's got the rights at the moment, but I will
follow everything up once I've got all the printing costs in (within a
couple of weeks, probably) if people are seriously interested.

Cheers, Meredith
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