OT: HP movie

otheng otheng at kinghenry8.coventry.sch.uk
Fri Nov 23 08:39:07 EST 2001

I haven't seen the movie yet (I'm going today with a group of friends),
but we had two British friends staying with us over the weekend, and
Hilary said that, from the trailers she'd seen, she didn't want to see the
movie because the children's accents annoyed her. I, slightly confused,
said, "But they cast British children." She thinks it's that the kids may
have gone to acting school or something, and sort of overemphasized their
accents, and therefore sounded weird. Dunno. But I thought that was an
interesting point.

They have rather "nice" accents - well-educated, nicely brought-up.
Remember, we in Britain have dozens of distinctive accents, and some have
particular connotations. That may well have been what she meant.


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