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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Wed Nov 21 14:56:29 EST 2001

On Thu, 15 Nov 2001 17:30:08 -0000, Alex wrote:

>I also speed read and therefore am incapable of being read to as I find the
>whole process too slow (and have done since I was about 7). Does anyone else
>feel like this? 

I like being read to when I have something else to do that can't be done
while reading (like sewing or folding laundry or other visual activities).
Otherwise it just takes too long.  Or while driving long distances; books on
tape are ideal for this.  Both my parents and Jacob's live about 10-11 hours
away from us (in opposite directions, unfortunately) and I like to have
cassettes so I can do cross-stitch and "read" a book at the same time.

>The disadvantage of speed reading is, however, that you finish a book too
>quickly - I try to avoid this by reading and watching TV at the same time -
>it definitely enhances my TV viewing!

What exactly does that mean, finish too fast?  Not understand the book?  The
experience ends too soon?  Certainly not that there's nothing left to read
afterward, right?  :)

Melissa Proffitt
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