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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Nov 21 07:03:47 EST 2001


>I am an extremely visual reader, but I memorize poetry quite quickly, and
>often from just having read a poem once or twice.  I'm not quite sure why,
>or how, but I can think back to the imagery each piece gave me, and it
>flows and if even a word is reversed then the scene goes too fast or slow.

That's so interesting.  I can't even imagine how it might feel, but 
find it fascinating.  Does it make any difference at all whether 
you've heard the poem read or say it aloud or just see it on the page?

>One of my best friends is also very visual, and she memorizes by tying a
>string into complex knots and then memorizing where the string was for each
>word.  A little to complicated for me, but, whatever works.

Lol.  I mean, not laughing at her, but just at the enormous variety 
in the way the human mind works!  Even if I could possibly remember 
the pattern of knots, I can't imagine how she remembers the word the 
knot represents.

How much do people have to learn poetry in school/uni. then?  Not 
that I'm assuming people only learn poetry when forced to, just that 
I was wondering about English exams and how common it is to be 
expected to learn poetry.

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