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Tue Nov 20 17:00:12 EST 2001

>I totally agree with Hallie's recommendation (and the caveat about _The
>Queen of Attolia_).  And the thing about obsessing about it--I must have
>read them two or three times in a row.  Very compelling story, especially
>the second, which has a powerful love story of the kind I like best.  Good
>descriptions, interesting world (based on, but not identical with, ancient
>Greece), great characters.

Yes, I forgot to mention how much we liked the legends that were told 
as part of the story.

>...Turner TOTALLY cheats with _The Thief_.  The book is told from the 1st
>person point of view of the title character, but the author withholds
>information that technically we should have known, because not only did our
>POV character know about it, he DID IT HIMSELF.  Because I read the first
>couple of chapters of _The Queen of Attolia_, I already knew what the big
>secret was, and I was less annoyed than I would have been had I read _The
>Thief_ first.  However, to be perfectly honest, I think this kind of
>technique is unfairly deceptive, and when I recommend this book (which I do)
>I warn people about it beforehand.

I think this might be more a matter of opinion than an absolute.  I 
was bad and read the end of The Thief (only the very end, so I didn't 
know a lot) early - no external compulsion here, just moral weakness. 
:)  I really wish there was a selective memory destroying device so I 
could read these two books again properly.  So my opinion is not 
based on reading the book as it *should* be read.  But given who and 
what Gen is, and what he was doing, our having access to his feelings 
without necessarily catching on to his actions fully worked fine for 
me.   Remember what Eddis says about him: he lies constantly.  He 
lies to himself.  If he talked in his sleep, he'd lie then too. :) 
Becca caught one of the surprises, and was quite happy not to have 
caught the others, as she felt the hints were all there.  I carefully 
didn't warn her about anything, and she said it would have really, 
really annoyed her if I had. Well, she was almost that polite.  :)

>I'm not sure why she chose the 1st person POV for the first book, because
>the second is told in 3rd person and is, I think, stronger for it.  I'm
>interested to see what she comes up with next, though I'd be surprised if
>it's another book in this series, unless it's a prequel.

I rather hope for one about Eddis, and possibly Sophos, who was sweet.

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