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Tue Nov 20 14:34:04 EST 2001

Rowena wrote: LOADS of things I agree with, snipped to:                     
> I bet if I were using these exact same skills, but in a                   
>profession other than Librarianship, that I'd be paid a lot more. As it
>I'm paid better than a lot of colleagues in other libraries, but I don't   
>think my salary reflects my worth or my experience, and there is no way    
>that I can afford to get on the housing ladder!                            

This rant has been really interesting to me, because I just finished up my
first course in Library and Information Science, and the picture painted
of job prospects was relatively good: that librarians weren't paid
necessarily what they were worth, but that the job market was good and
stable. We had to read a Linrary Journal article about job prospects, and  
article did emphasize, though, that having technical skills
was a major plus, and that many LIS graduates get jobs outside of
companies because the money is better, given the skills that some of them
have.  The article was in the Oct 15 2001 issue of Library Journal.


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