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Mon Nov 19 17:26:36 EST 2001

Eek.  I read the thief after my baby brother read it in English class and
thought it was great.  Doesn't she have a DWJ mention in there somewhere?
It might be in her book of short stories, but I'm pretty sure that there's
a connection.  I liked The Thief a _lot_, but the sequel REALLY upset me.
I read it while sitting in a Barnes and Noble (hardback, college student,
you know how it is) and I had to skip ahead to the ending, too.  And even
though it was okay, I didn't go back and read the whole thing.  Like I
said, it really bothered me.

On another note--I wonder about being read to and reading styles.  Hallie,
you read to your children a lot, it seems--do you think this has made them
more auditory readers, or had some other effect?  I know my parents read
to me a LOT when I was little--Chronicles of Narnia, maybe a bit too
young--but when I got to be about seven I could read so much faster that
the slowness of the story made me hate being read to.  I'm still not big
on it--I'm not really a books on tape person.  I avoid them whenever
possible, actually.  But then again when I read to people (I used to read
to my baby brother until he got to be a teenager and waaaaaaaay too cool
for me) they almost always have to remind me to slow down, and I get
distracted--my voice keep reading, but my eyes have gone ahead and read
everything they could see and then my voice forgets to keep going or
something and, well, I end up going off and reading the rest of the book
to myself.  Oh, well.


If you don't think it sounds good. . .  we probably don't like the kind of
music you listen to.
	John McCrea of CAKE on their music

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

> Ok then, "book rave" might be more honest. :)  I picked up _The 
> Thief_ by Megan Whalen Turner, without ever having heard of it, just 
> because it sounded interesting.  Two pages in, I was sure we'd like 
> it, so read it to Becca.  We both really loved it, enough so that we 
> had to buy the next one, _The Queen of Attolia_ in hardback, as we 
> couldn't even wait until January for the pb to come out.  It was only 
> when I was ordering that one that I found out that _The Thief_ was a 
> Newbery Honor book.
> I haven't read any books I've liked as much in ages.  Really engaging 
> characters, unpredictable plot, surprises, for which the hints are 
> given very cleverly, (but never arrogant "I'm smarter than the 
> reader" seeming cleverness).  Just one warning though - TQoA is 
> recommended for ages 10 and up, but is *much* more disturbing than 
> TT.  So much so that when Becca went off to bed after I'd read 
> Chapter 3 to her (it's a shocker!), she insisted that I read the end 
> to be sure it was going to be ok.  Something she's never done, and 
> she's read plenty of "adult books".  But even having read it all 
> skew-wise like that, I still read and reread it happily night after 
> night.  And then turned around and started _The Thief_ again. :) 
> Becca says to add that she even dreamed about TQoA three nights in a 
> row!  Only downside is that we've nothing to read now that comes 
> close.
> Hallie.
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