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June Whitfield would be fabulous as Aunt Maria as she could be quite steely
under a supposedly sweet demeanour. Patricia Routledge would also be
excellent, if she could cast off the mantle of Hyacinth Bouquet. Christopher
Eccleston (sp?) would be great as Father as he's very good at looking
slightly haunted and (yes I know she's a soap actress)  the girl who acts as
Sarah Louise in Corrie would be an excellent Mig. (Apologies to those of you
in the US.)

It could be a marvellous film, actually, as long as it doesn't become too
twee - I'd like it to be more of a chiller than a humorous film - though
there are comic elements, I think they add to the horror of the town and the
situation. Certainly I feel it should be a film aimed at an adult audience -
they made a horror film out of Marianne Dreams and that is a children's book
(possibly the scariest book I've ever read, mind you). I think the Mrs Urs
could be really frightening.

As far as location is concerned, I think they should set it somewhere in
Dorset or Devon so that you have the strange shapes of the hills and the
cliffs coupled with what appears to be an idyllic, yet remote little town. I
used to live in Dorset and quite a few of the towns were really quite eerie
in the winter. What do others think?

Sorry, I'm whittering so I'll stop and return to lurking.


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> There's a new bulletin from Diana on the official website. It's only
> short, but the new book is currently titled The Magic of Blest and
> there is a film offer for Black Maria. June Whitfield for Aunt Maria
> please.
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