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christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 17 04:29:36 EST 2001

>From: Elizabeth Parks

>Has anyone else seen it yet?  I'm sure the answer is yes. . . I'm curious
>as to what you guys think of the movie.

i really liked it. i am not a big fan of the first HP book, although it made 
me want to go back and reread it. and so i shall.
>I thought it could have been better but I also thought it could have been
>much much worse. . . seems like the focus was more on getting the story
>done than establishing any of the characters. . .

for what it's worth, i'd accuse the books of the same thing. certainly the 
first couple. =)

>I think you sort of have
>to have read the book first. . .

i was unable to tell. i am too recently wrapped up in the HP characters and 
situations to be entirely sure. then again, i haven't really recently read 
the first book and i didn't retain anything but the Big Plot Points from it 
because it pretty much bored me stiff, and i went along with the movie. a 
lot of stuff is abridged, but i think they got it in there well enough to 
follow along.

>I have absolutely no idea how they're
>going to fit the fourth one into a movie, especially--miniseries would be
>nice but probably not as profitable :(.

the current rumor - i don't know how accurate - is that the 4th will be two 
movies. i totally love the 4th book, so i hope they do it justice. i think 
with the great cast and crew they've assembled, it is totally possible. i 
don't know about probable, but possible.

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