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what it was I wanted to say.  The thing that maybe bothered me most about
the movie was this: they cut Hermione's good end scene.  I'd heard people
complaining about stereotypes in the movie--i.e., the Gringotts bankers
being like Jewish bankers.  I don't think it's totally unseeable but I
wouldn't have noticed it if someone hadn't pointed it out to me.  My best
friend is Jewish and she looks nothing like any of those goblins (I wonder
if she'd find that flattering?)  What bothered me wasn't a stereotype
thing exactly--it was that they cut the test that Hermioned stayed behind
for at the end of the book, the logic one that most wizards (and me, I'm
sure) wouldn't have been good at.  Instead she was all worried about Ron
(and I'm bitterly sure that if they survive the series, they're going to
end up happily together in the end--in the books, this is) and stayed
behind to take care of him while Harry went on to save the day.  It's not
even that--that Harry got more screen time.  Of course he did.  It's the
Harry Potter movie.  I just didn't like it that Ron's task was a big big
deal involving lots of sacrifice and special effects while Hermione did
little more than relax.  I'm not sure if this bothers me so much because
of the gender thing--probably; women's studies can do that to you--but it
does bother me.


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