Words, sounds, pictures

Alex alex.mb at zoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 15 12:30:08 EST 2001

Lizzie said

<Other than that--I apparently speed read (I've never met anyone who could
read faster than I could--this is not a challenge, just my experience, and
I'm sure that someday somebody will outdo me).  I read the shapes of the
words instead of the words themselves (I was just told the other day that
not everyone does this, so if I'm wrong, I apologize) and I guess that I
would say that the books show up in my head like dreams.  I know what
people look like and so on and so forth but I have to think about it to
know--the way I have to try to remember dreams.>

This is exactly like me - I can't be specific about what I 'see' in books
but I always know when things seem wrong. I know what Polly looks like, for
example, but I'd find it hard to convey that to anyone else. I think your
dream analogy is excellent and in a good book I think you feel as excited,
mystified and ennervated as in any good dream. (I enjoy dreaming.)

I also speed read and therefore am incapable of being read to as I find the
whole process too slow (and have done since I was about 7). Does anyone else
feel like this? I also find the voice impinges on my conception of a book.
The disadvantage of speed reading is, however, that you finish a book too
quickly - I try to avoid this by reading and watching TV at the same time -
it definitely enhances my TV viewing!


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