Words, sounds, pictures

Emma Comerford s369161 at student.uq.edu.au
Sun Nov 11 20:20:34 EST 2001

I know only that there's at least one method where you
>"photograph" the page and then process it later.  The method of reading
>interests me more than the actual speed people read at.  I read in both
>directions down the page (left to right and then right to left) and
>backwards at a pinch.  It all gets sorted out eventually.  
>Anyway, I've been curious ever since I figured out I was reading differently
>from other people (many of whom did read about as fast as I do) and so far I
>know THREE.  (me, my brother-in-law, and now Lizzie)  Anyone else read in a
>peculiar way?  

I remember a lecture I went to a few years ago (it was a dreadful woman
trying to convince us the daay of the book, library and handwriting was
gone forever as the computer age had arrived) where the lecturer commented
that children growing up with the internet and computers read differently
to those brought up solely on books. However the style of reading she was
talking about seemed to be similiar to yours, Melissa - reading in all
directions rather than left to right, from top to bottom.
Misspelt words never phase me; I'm a terrible proof reader! I think I see
the word as it should be and move on.  And I know reading in Spanish (I'm
not fluent) annoys me as I can't just look at a sentance, know the meaning
and keep going.

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