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Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Wed Nov 14 15:54:23 EST 2001

Rebecca said...

> I have an extremely iconographic thought process for everything.

I'm just the opposite, I think.  I'm really not a very visual person
(nor am I particularly perceptive - wonder if the two are related?).
Even my imagination works more in words than in images, and I often
have to describe something to myself in order to be able to visualise
it.  And an infelicitous word choice or an awkward turn of phrase can
throw me out of what I'm reading; I'll have to rephrase whatever it is
in my head before reading on.

> I
> became quite befuddled when the person with whom I  was colaborating
> think that making a layout of the house was an important first step
> writing a story.  I wonder what that means...

It means your collaborator was odd. :-)  I'm a bit like that too;
before I can write a scene in a room, I have to draw a plan of the
room, so I know whether the character can reach the bookcase from her
bed, or whatever.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
israfel at eircom.net

"I feel that if a character cannot communicate, the very least he can
do is to shut up!"
--Tom Lehrer

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