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Jacob Proffitt Jacob at Proffitt.com
Wed Nov 14 14:54:56 EST 2001

---Original Message From: Rowland, Jennifer A B
> Jacob wrote:
> > When I read, I hear the words in my head and that means
> >that my reading speed is fundamentally limited by the speed of
> >speech--if I speed up past hearing the words, then
> everything takes on
> >a monotone quality and things like commas and other pacing
> elements are
> >lost.
> Huh. I hear words as I read, and I certainly find that I can
> read too fast- overrun my comprehension speed, maybe- but my
> habitual speed is quite a bit faster then faster than speech.

My reading speed is a little faster than speech, but not much.

> I am another one who reads faster than all their RL friends-
> is it something about DWJ??? I've never timed myself, but I
> usually finish a "normal-length" fiction book by reading it
> on the way to work (about an hour), at lunch, and on the way
> home. There was an article today in the Independant (I can't
> find it on the
> webpage) saying how silly the author finds the
> grownups-reading-Potter phenomenon, and we should all grow up
> and read things "aimed at our age group". (Ooh, I just love
> fulfilling my demographic stereotype.) He said the ones who
> puzzle him most are those who read lots of things but are
> prepared to spend a week or so plodding thorough something as
> puerile as that. Well, maybe if I did take a week to get
> through a children's book, I'd get bored with it too! Jeez,
> the Potter books are a fun way to spend a couple of hours if
> there's nothing on TV!

Ah.  Good information.  Sounds like you read a regular novel in about
three hours.  For comparison, it takes me almost six hours (I just
finished the third Harry Potter and it took almost exactly six hours)
and Melissa a little under two.  I'm amazed how many on the list are so
fast.  I'm used to being the fastest in any given group.  Like I said,
statistically, I know that I read faster than the average person.  That
bears out when I talk to my friends--even people who read a lot.  I
think that the average person reads a regular novel in about seven hours
(just to put it on the scale we've invented here).

Jacob Proffitt

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