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Mon Nov 12 21:41:20 EST 2001

Melissa wrote,

> On Tue, 13 Nov 2001 21:43:08 +0000 (GMT), Margaret Elizabeth Parks wrote:
> >I have a really strong sense of direction when I read.  I always know in
> >my head the general layout of the place, and which way everything faces.
> I can't even do this in real life.  It was overcast the whole time we were
> in Berlin and I was permanently lost.
> >Other than that--I apparently speed read (I've never met anyone who could
> >read faster than I could--this is not a challenge, just my experience,
> >and I'm sure that someday somebody will outdo me)
> Bet I do.  :)  (Not that it matters--see below)
> >I read the shapes of the words instead of the words themselves (I was
> >just told the other day that not everyone does this, so if I'm wrong, I
> >apologize)

I also read very fast, something like 3 paperback pages a minute 
(not that I'm boasting cos I'll be betting I'm not the fastest). I boggle 
at tales of vast piles of unread books -- I'd have to be awfully rich to 
have one of those -- but I'm also rather envious of those whose 
experience of a good book lasts much longer. I think what I do is 
the same as Lizzie and I suspect I do it phrase by phrase. However 
I can sometimes hear the words in a distintinctive tone of voice 
especially if I do know what the author sounds like (and if they do 
write like they talk). I always feel a bit embarrassed when admitting 
to my reading speed -- it seems rather a freakish talent like being 
able to wiggle one's ears. I think one of the reasons is that people 
assume you are skipping or not taking everything in, which doesn't 
in fact seem to be the case.

I said that it doesn't stop me "hearing " the words, however when 
reading poetry I prefer to read out loud to myself, it's definitely 
better that way.


The truth will make ye fret

Terry Pratchett, The Truth.
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