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Margaret Elizabeth Parks mep3 at
Tue Nov 13 16:31:42 EST 2001

It might also be possible to make it into an ebook--I'm really not sure
how that works but people send me lots of them, so I know it does work.
Legality would be an issue there.

:(  I wish they would reprint it.  I'd probably buy at least three copies
(I still haven't gotten it through my head that DWJ books are readily
available now--when I see one, I tend to buy it.  Despite already owning a
copy or two.

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001 Philip.Belben at wrote:

> >>Changeover (DWJ) / The Changeover (Mahy) (Similarity of title)
> >
> > feel free to pick up the tab on my copy of changeover. =)
> > last time i saw it on ebay it went for like, $100, iirc.
> > i'd like to read it.. but not that much. certainly not with my current
> > financial limitations, anyway.
> :-)  That is a problem.  If you ask very nicely you can borrow mine - when I get
> it back from the list member who has it atm......
> I wonder.  Is anyone on this list a publisher?  How easy would it be to do an
> edition - assuming all the necessary permission could be obtained?  We could
> even use the original book as a master, the way Wordsworth do - publisher's
> copyright in the image on the page only lasts 25 years, and it was pub'd in
> 1971...
> Philip.
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