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Mon Nov 12 13:00:04 EST 2001


That Tolkein message came through.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Corrick, Georgia
> I seem to be having problems mailing to the list today ...
> and all the messages I'd kept from this list, in order to
> look for books wch were recommended etc, have vanished. I
> mailed earlier about Tolkein and it doesn't look like it
> arrived - it was just to let people know that there's an
> fascinating article about him in the London Review of Books,
> issue dated 15-11-01. In passing it compares his work to
> Rowling, Pullman & Le Guin, and also says quite a lot about
> the relationship between his fiction & his criticism.
> Although I can't read Lord of the Rings his Old English
> criticism was really important to me, as was CS Lewis's on
> medieval literature. List members might well be interested in
> the article.
> Philip - I always like the way your emails end with the
> disclaimer from Powergen about this email representing only
> your views and not Powergen's. It gives me this vision of
> Powergen changing their mission statement so that they
> provide gas, electricity and Diana Wynne Jones. (And what could be
> better?)

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