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Mon Nov 12 12:48:15 EST 2001

Philip said:

> Is anyone on this list a publisher?  How easy 
> would it be to do an
> edition - assuming all the necessary permission could be 
> obtained?  We could
> even use the original book as a master

A couple of fans of old school stories have reprinted facsmile copies of
some books by Elsie Oxenham - their site is at I haven't seen any of the books
but they are certainly selling well, and seem to me extremely cheap at £9.99
including postage. That must be much easier, though, as the books are out of
copyright. I would imagine DWJ wouldn't want to get involved in a small
press deal at a stage when she is becoming increasingly well-known and in
demand, though.

I seem to be having problems mailing to the list today ... and all the
messages I'd kept from this list, in order to look for books wch were
recommended etc, have vanished. I mailed earlier about Tolkein and it
doesn't look like it arrived - it was just to let people know that there's
an fascinating article about him in the London Review of Books, issue dated
15-11-01. In passing it compares his work to Rowling, Pullman & Le Guin, and
also says quite a lot about the relationship between his fiction & his
criticism. Although I can't read Lord of the Rings his Old English criticism
was really important to me, as was CS Lewis's on medieval literature. List
members might well be interested in the article.

Philip - I always like the way your emails end with the disclaimer from
Powergen about this email representing only your views and not Powergen's.
It gives me this vision of Powergen changing their mission statement so that
they provide gas, electricity and Diana Wynne Jones. (And what could be


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