Words, sounds, pictures

Corrick, Georgia g.corrick at southampton.gov.uk
Mon Nov 12 08:28:31 EST 2001

Rebecca said:

> I do _hear_ words sometimes, usually dialogue, and usually a
> variation of a voice I know (My AP English teacher seems very 
> popular with fictional characters.)

One thing I find really disconcerting is going back to books that my A level
English class read out loud: I hear some parts of the text in the other
students' & my teacher's voices. It doesn't seem to wear off even though
I've often re-read some of the books. I do find with DWJ though that I can
easily imagine a particular voice reading the books aloud - I think it's
because her prose style is quite distinctive, and also because they probably
work quite well as read-aloud books. Does anyone know whether any of them
have been issued as audiobooks? (Apologies if this has come up before on the


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