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Corrick, Georgia g.corrick at
Mon Nov 12 08:22:09 EST 2001

Read (re-read, I think, but can't remember my first reading) Hexwood
yesterday - did we come to any decision about whether to discuss it in parts
or after people have read the whole thing? It does seem to me that it would
be tricky to discuss it in parts meaningfully without spoilers.

On another topic - there's an article in the November 15th issue of the
London Review of Books on Tolkein wch was quite interesting, even to me as a
non-fan. It's by Jenny Turner & called "Reasons for Liking Tolkein" - a huge
article, about 9 pages long. She compares him briefly to Rowling, Pullman &
Le Guin. I was particularly interested (as my degree is in Old English) in
what she says about the relation between his fiction and his criticism.
Worth seeking out even if you're not interested in Tolkein, as much of what
she says has implications for world-creating literature in general.

Thanks for the book recommendations, Rebecca, by the way - I've never read
Pamela Dean & she sounds quite fun from what you say, so I shall have a hunt
for her.


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