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Mon Nov 12 08:14:18 EST 2001

Ven Sayth:
>>From: "Ven" Pamela Dean came into the debate at this point (prompted by
>>Bujold) to say that she doesn't so much "look" at the words as
>>"hear" them. Now, me, I think I hear the words and receive
>>sensory, not just visual, impressions, but its hard to watch yourself
Ferricide (I should get around to calling you Christian, shouldn't I) respondth
>i would say that the way i process a book is that i read the words, and then
>get a 'sense' of what's going on. i really don't have specific concrete
>images of the characters or places in my books... although, if i think back
>on them, they're there -- hazy, but there. i definitely don't even
>necessarily get faces for characters. i like the texture and style of
>writing as much as the content, which is probably why i'm such a fan of
>banana yoshimoto, who relies entirely on style and mood to communicate her

I agree on some books, but most well written books I get distinct pictures.
Maybe not faces, i'm always bad at seeing faces, and in that way I
defintely agree with you -- I can't see Hermione in my head, but I could
describe my problems with the actress.
But other things -- I could probably draw a more clear picture of Polly's
Granny's house, complete with colors, and smells (I would use smelly
crayons!) than I could of most of my friends houses/dorm rooms.  I have a
map n my head of her city more clearly than I do of Madison, and definetly
better than the one of Oberlin.  I usually get a clear sense for clothing,
so I'm very likely to respond to clothing issues based on a cover pic, or
movie.  I do _hear_ words sometimes, usually dialogue, and usually a
variation of a voice I know (My AP English teacher seems very popular with
fictional characters.)

Rebecca D. Ganetzky
"...and do not say that a thing is impossible to understand, for eventually
it will be understood."-Rabbi Hillel

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