Words, sounds, pictures

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 12 02:18:55 EST 2001

>Bujold wrote this as part of an intense debate about the merits or
>not of her writing style. The original poster criticised her on the
>word level (where I too can certainly see some faults) and among
>the lively defenses were several which said "but she's so good on
>the macro level of paragraph, character and plot". And Lois wrote
>the above which had me boggling at the idea of anyone not only not
>noticing the words but regarding them as clutter.

I cannot believe that people criticised Bujold on the sentence level use of 
words. She has a fantastically smooth writing style and a great grasp of 
vocabulary, not to mention her ability to be witty on a word (rather than 
slapstick or concept) level. People making these kind of comments are the 
type who say Mozart has too many notes, and PG Wodehouse uses too many words.


Oh, and to answer your question, I do the image thing, but I also notice 
the words and appreciate them.

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