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Sun Nov 11 23:29:13 EST 2001

>From: "Ven" Pamela Dean came into the debate at this point (prompted by
>Bujold) to say that she doesn't so much "look" at the words as
>"hear" them. Now, me, I think I hear the words and receive
>sensory, not just visual, impressions, but its hard to watch yourself

i would say that the way i process a book is that i read the words, and then 
get a 'sense' of what's going on. i really don't have specific concrete 
images of the characters or places in my books... although, if i think back 
on them, they're there -- hazy, but there. i definitely don't even 
necessarily get faces for characters. i like the texture and style of 
writing as much as the content, which is probably why i'm such a fan of 
banana yoshimoto, who relies entirely on style and mood to communicate her 

the funny thing is that when i looked at the people who are playing the kids 
in the harry potter movie i knew they weren't quite "right" even though i 
don't have a reliable mental image that i could translate into an actual 
person in my mind. it's not that the casting is bad.. it just doesn't quite 
match up with my own images, however vague they are.

for me, the words in a book are very, very important. if a book doesn't have 
an interesting and creative style of prose, i can't be bothered to continue 
with it. i have problems sometimes reading essays/papers, news and lots and 
lots of random novels because it's a very important facet of the whole for 
me. in fact, i tend to weigh style very heavily in all media, although 
substance is also key. both is what is needed for me to be truly pleased 
with something.

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