Aargh (Library Rant) OT (but some ob DWJ)

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May I join as well? I am a fairly-newly-qualified London librarian, in a
specialist library (Marxist, if anyone's interested), and earn less than
some of the people on my course earned as library assistants. Little enough
that some of my richer friends ask how I survive on it! At the moment I'm a
cataloguer, on a lottery-funded project, in which most of the funding seems
to have been wasted trying to get cheap deals that didn't work, not leaving
much for salaries. I do enjoy it, but house- or even flat-buying? Some
chance! Fortunately for me I am marrying a minister next year and the house
will be provided, but as my mother pointed out, we will certainly never be

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> Jennifer,
> I think you & I should form a mutual appreciation society! My outer London
> weighting (Brunel is in Uxbridge, Middx) is never going to help me buy a
> flat! As you say, I like working with people and seeing how what we do
> makes a difference to them (albeit in a small way). I care about doing my
> job well. But even lecturers are underpaid, and can earn less than
> teachers. I'm waiting for some of the 'education education, education'
> money to filter up to HE. (And a knock on effect for those trying to enter
> the profession: it doesn't pay enough to help them repay student loans,
> the prospect of taking out extra loans for the postgrad qualification puts
> a lot of people off).
> Anyway, in a desperate attempt to bring this back on topic, I've been
> thinking about mentions of libraries in DWJ (not quite fish imagery in
> Shakespeare, but never mind!) So far I have:
> Fire & Hemlock: It's the Friendly & Helpful Librarian (hurrah!) who tells
> Polly about the Four Muskateers.
> Year of the Griffin: Several mentions of the Library & its weird cat
> system, with a rather anonymous Librarian who doesn't seem to want to give
> people books, and makes a note to tell the lecturers that their students
> are making odd requests (uh-oh, Data Protection Act, anybody?)
> The Ogre Downstairs: If Gwinny hadn't tried to go to the Library on her
> own, she would not have got lost and would never have met The Ogre!
> The Spellcoats: Stretching it a bit, but the coats are 'translated' by the
> Keeper of Antiquities.
> Can anyone think of anthing else?
> Rowena
> On Wed, 7 Nov 2001 17:14:29 -0000  "Rowland, Jennifer A B"
> <jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk> wrote:
> > Rowena wrote: LOADS of things I agree with, snipped to:
> > > I bet if I were using these exact same skills, but in a
> > >profession other than Librarianship, that I'd be paid a lot more. As it
> > >I'm paid better than a lot of colleagues in other libraries, but I
> > >think my salary reflects my worth or my experience, and there is no way
> > >that I can afford to get on the housing ladder!
> >
> > Can we get a "YES SISTER!"? I'm in London, so I get London weighting.
> > yay.
> > I'll never in my LIFE be able to buy a house on my salary. I could go to
> > commercial
> > firm and probably get about twice what I make now, but I *like* working
at a
> > uni and
> > I like feeling I'm doing something socially useful. Our boss is great
> > just got a
> > whole lot of people upgraded, but she can't change the whole
> > underpaid-librarian
> > culture.
> > Oh well, I could be underpaid in a job I hate, that would be worse.
> > Jennifer
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