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Thu Nov 8 12:33:24 EST 2001

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001 09:49:26 -0700, Jacob Proffitt wrote:

>---Original Message From: Melissa Proffitt
>> >Love the Proffitt Show Online... I just hope you two do occasionally
>> >speak verbally to one another? You do *meet* occasionally on
>> the human
>> >plane?
>> Jacob, tell the crazy lady that we see each other all the
>> time.  :)  Jacob works at home.
>Yeah!  Why, at this very moment, a whole ten feet separate us from each
>other.  If I could see through the floor, I'd be able to tell what you
>are doing.  Crazy lady.  Why, if I wanted to, I could yell out and *ask*
>what you are doing!

Hey, guess what?  You're almost directly above me.  We could cut a hole in
the floor and install a plexiglass trap door with a dumbwaiter, and
then...the landlord would kick us out.  But we could pass messages and
brownies back and forth until then.  You'd have to bake the brownies first.

(This reminds me of something from my favorite online comic strip, PvP,
about a computer gaming magazine.  Two of the employees are dating each
other, and the guy goes into the girl's office and says "Quitting time,
honey.  Time to go home" and she just sort of grunts because she's playing
EverQuest and isn't really listening, so he sighs, goes back to his office,
logs in and sends her a message within the game.  Email is sometimes the
only way I can guarantee getting Jacob's attention.  Though I apologize for
doing it on this forum; usually it's just private.  In my defense, he
started it.)

Melissa Proffitt
(hey, how's about we start that book discussion now, and get on topic? :)

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