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Thu Nov 8 11:49:26 EST 2001

---Original Message From: Melissa Proffitt
> >Love the Proffitt Show Online... I just hope you two do occasionally
> >speak verbally to one another? You do *meet* occasionally on
> the human
> >plane?
> Jacob, tell the crazy lady that we see each other all the
> time.  :)  Jacob works at home.

Yeah!  Why, at this very moment, a whole ten feet separate us from each
other.  If I could see through the floor, I'd be able to tell what you
are doing.  Crazy lady.  Why, if I wanted to, I could yell out and *ask*
what you are doing!

> >And how are the children handling this?
> They're upstairs watching over Jacob's shoulder while he
> plays Dark Age of Camelot.  I'm dreading the day *they* start
> communicating with me via email....

Ah.  Teleri is an email account away from being able to, if you think
about it.  Phonetic spelling, but still.  Once I get their CD-Rom fixed,
there'll be no stopping them...

Jacob Proffitt

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