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Jacob Proffitt Jacob at
Wed Nov 7 13:19:24 EST 2001

Um.  What about the Pern Chronicles?  Weren't those earlier?


> -----Original Message from Melissa Proffitt
> >What's the first attempt at writing sf  or fantasy that
> >you can remember.
> When I was ten or eleven or thereabouts, I wrote half of a
> very embarrassing science fiction/fantasy story about a girl
> who discovers she has magical powers bestowed upon her by
> Jupiter and who then becomes part of a bunch of other people
> in the same situation (avatars of the planetary deities,
> essentially, though I didn't know such fancy words to dress
> it up back then).  I never did finish it.  At least it
> reveals that I was interested in super-team stories long
> before I ever read the Teen Titans and X-Men.
> Now, of course, we have Sailor Moon, which just goes to show
> you that even stupid ideas look better in anime.
> Melissa Proffitt

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