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Rowena Macrae-Gibson rowena.macrae-gibson at brunel.ac.uk
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Well my career has been during the e-boom & the development of the net. 
There's no way I could do my job without being IT literate & aware. My job 
includes: IT training, staff training, database evaluation, advanced net 
searching, advanced database searching, user education etc etc as well as 
subject liaison. I bet if I were using these exact same skills, but in a 
profession other than Librarianship, that I'd be paid a lot more. As it is 
I'm paid better than a lot of colleagues in other libraries, but I don't 
think my salary reflects my worth or my experience, and there is no way 
that I can afford to get on the housing ladder!
As Jennifer says the profession is under paid and does not have a brilliant 
public image (taxi driver yesterday, after asking what I did 'Oh I'd better 
be quiet then'). It's worse in public libraries, where many professional 
posts have been down sized to Library assisstant levels.
At least you lot seem to appreciate us!
Apologies for the rant, I am co list owner of a list for chartership 
candidates, and I can bore for GB on the under valuation of the 
How many stereotypes can I fit into? Librarian, Dr Who fan AND I read (what 
others have dismissed as) 'kiddies literature!

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001 18:01:36 -0000  "Rowland, Jennifer A B" 
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> Many university libraries and computing services are merging, (anecdotally,
> computing people have a harder time with this than librarians- they don't
> just have to learn new stuff, they have to change their culture to being
> customer-focussed rather than technical-focussed). Many librarians are
> taking on more teaching roles. I don't know that much about the changes in
> special libraries or public libraries. Librarians of all kinds are typically
> undervalued and underpaid, so we are hoping that we can sieze the day, show
> how skilled we are at dredging meaning out of the e-swamp and become
> indispensable.
> Jennifer
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