lives of christopher chant - japanese edition

christian nutt ferricide at
Wed Nov 7 06:23:02 EST 2001

that was quick! on 01 october tokuma shoten published the japanese edition 
of the lives of christopher chant. the cover is here:

it's called 'kuristofaa no mahou no tabi' which means 'christopher's magical 
travels' ... not horrible, not great. i don't know how one would retitle 
british children's fiction to appeal to japanese kids, so don't look at me. 
(incidentally, it appears that the harry potter books and philip pulman's 
'his dark materials' have fairly literal translations of the titles in 

i decided to go to the publisher's website to see what they have to say for 
it. LoCC is the top book under their 'books for children' link, which is 
cool. i guess they are gonna milk this ghibli thing for all it's worth.. 
which is good for DWJ fans in the long run! they don't have a page setup for 
it that i can see. <-- entirely in japanese and not 
particularly informative, but hey. you can see they're pushing it. =) its sales rank is currently 6432. i wonder what it was like the 
first week?

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